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As a commercial general contracting firm, our business is to build. We build to last, and as part of that commitment, we believe in creating a healthy and sustainable future for our team, our clients and the environment.


Making a Difference Together with Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Construction Practices

By incorporating Bwin Slotssustainability practices in our construction operations, we have the opportunity to make a direct, measurable impact on the environment.

For each construction project that we manage, Garrison Construction Group serves as a trusted partner to our clients helping them to reach their sustainability goals. For projects that require comprehensive sustainability plans, our experienced team is ready to support with sustainability options from pre-construction planning to post-construction. Following find examples of sustainability solutions.

bwin casinoOpportunities to Incorporate Sustainable Practices in the Construction Process from Design to Post-Construction

Opportunities to support environmental sustainability are available throughout the construction process, from diverting waste from landfills by promoting recycling, reducing jobsite waste, and sourcing repurposed material to selecting energy efficient equipment to reduce carbon footprint and more.

Following find select examples of optional construction practices that support environmental sustainability.

Planning & Pre-Construction

  • Incorporate LEED Accredited Professional (AP) in pre-construction planning

  • Develop plans for Construction Sustainability, Waste Management, and Impact Assessment & Permitting (IAP)

  • Inclusion of sustainability requirements in sub-contractor RFPs and review of sub-contractor Bwin Slotssustainability practices

  • Train field staff on environmental requirements

  • Provide site sensitive development

Material Selection

  • High recycled content, repurposed and local building materials

  • Materials that are recyclable or compostable

  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood

  • Carpet, paint and adhesives with low-emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  • Composite wood that contains no added formaldehyde resigns

Waste Reduction

  • Use materials responsibly

  • Reduce construction waste

  • Promote recycling on job-sites, internally and among suppliers

  • Minimize use of paper and other office consumables

Energy Conservation

  • Energy efficient equipment - ENERGYSTAR and WATERSENSE

  • Occupancy-based lighting control systems

  • Interior spaces that incorporate daylight to reduce powered lighting

  • Solar energy solutions to reduce carbon footprint

  • Utility company audits / incentives

Health & Safety

  • Protect and promote personal health and safety during the construction process

  • Optimize indoor air quality

  • Protect HVAC system from dust / moisture during construction

  • Incorporate outdoor environments in commercial design

Landscaping & Water Conservation

  • Install rainwater collection systems to allow the reuse of rainwater

  • Use conservation-oriented, drought tolerant and native plants

  • Install highly efficient landscape watering Bwin sports bettingsystem that direct water to the base of the plants and with timers to reduce water runoff